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A different point of view… The experience of playing and teaching has given Steve Giordano, jazz guitarist, a unique approach.

Using his unique approach, Steve Giordano has developed a vast library of lessons. Students get unlimited access to interactive lessons: from fundamental to highly advanced concepts of jazz. No time wasted on things you don’t need. Enjoy the convenience of lessons at your discretion and pace with one of the jazz greats.


    Developing Jazz Ears

    Developing Jazz Ears This recently created master class focuses on a much talked about subject – how can I obtain …


    Exploring Stella: A Look Into Reharmonization

    Exploring Stella Reharmonization is one of the most sought after, yet complex musical subjects in modern music. Guitarist Steve Giordano …

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    Quality Practicing Jazz 2

    Quality Practicing Jazz 2 One of the most difficult issues for a jazz artist’s development is prioritizing their practice time. …

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    Soli for Guitar

      Soli for Guitar A soli is a composed/arranged improvisation based on the harmonic structure and form of a musical …

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    Quality Practicing Jazz 1

      Quality Practicing Jazz 1 One of the most difficult issues for a jazz artist’s development is prioritizing their practice …

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    Time and Space

      Time and Space This video will be an in-depth look into accompanying (comping) other musicians in playing jazz. The …

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    A Fresh Approach to Composition

      A Fresh Approach to Composition As a jazz player, I didn’t have a strong desire to compose music. My …

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    The Importance of Scatting

    The Importance of Scatting As a jazz guitarist, it took me a while before I realized most of what I …

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    Rhythmic Techniques for Guitar

      Rhythmic Techniques for Guitar My seventh master class offering, I cover many guitar rhythms that I have developed over …

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    Philadelphia jazz guitarist Steve Giordano is a world-renowned master of his craft. Navigating effortlessly and creatively though the traditional sub-genres of jazz, it is obvious to the sensitive and critical listener that Giordano’s improvisations are drawing inspiration from obscure and eclectic sources that exist beyond the boundaries of the jazz aficionado’s record collection. Steve defies expectations by masterfully weaving fragments of melodic dissonance and harmonic tension into standards that are often well over a half-century old.

    "Giordano is as innovative and skilled a teacher as he is an improvisor. His methods inspire students (of any instrument) to reach deeply into themselves, listen mindfully, and truly express their own musical vision."

    Become a Better Player. Guaranteed.


    Master Classes

    Access hours of in-depth lessons, step-by-step instruction, and much more.


    Explore specialized topics in our dedicated educational podcasts.


    Connect with fellow musicians from all over the world. Join an incredible group of like-minded musicians.

    Live Classes

    A chance to interact with Steve Giordano online with live workshops and question and answer sessions.


    "Steve Giordano is more than a guitar teacher, he is truly a ‘jazz guru.’ Steve offers more than just guitar instruction. Rather than focusing on scales, lines, mechanics, etc…, Steve encourages students to find their own musical voice. The old adage ‘teach a man to fish…’ applies. Steve also explores with students not only how to become better instrumentalists, but how to communicate with other musicians in a creative and spontaneous way, an approach that is applicable not only to jazz, but to any music."
    - Rick Lowenberg
    "I will always be extremely grateful for the privilege of studying with Steve Giordano. His teaching has opened so many musical doors and windows that I will be exploring for years to come. I find Steve’s teaching both refreshing and liberating because he is always guiding me to listen to myself and to follow the joy in music. Studying with Steve Giordano has been a life changing experience".
    - Shannon Pelcher
    "I had the pleasure of studying intensely with Steve for about 10 years. I learned more from him than from any other musical source. His approach is unique and inspiring. Steve is all about the ‘Art of Music’. And that simply is what you’re going to learn by studying with Steve.. the art of making music."
    - Tony Miceli

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