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Soli for Guitar

A soli is a composed/arranged improvisation based on the harmonic structure and form of a musical composition. The most common use of a soli is found within a big band arrangement as a variation of the head. Although a soli is based on the harmonic structure of a piece, there is plenty of creative room for re-harmonization.
“Soli for Guitar” is basically composing a chord melody variation over a musical composition. In this master class example, I will be showing and explaining my soli over the Clifford Brown composition, Joy Spring. çI strongly suggest learning this tune in order to fully comprehend the harmonic treatment I incorporate in this soli. I will include the chart of the basic harmonic structure of Joy Spring and, in the master class video, explain everything I am altering with each chord voicing.
It is my belief that creating a soli on guitar is a great way to increase harmonic vocabulary as well as developing fluidity in spontaneous chord soloing.

Course Curriculum

Soli for Guitar
Lesson 1: Soli For Guitar 00:00:00
Lesson 2: Voicing Hires 00:00:00


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